Monday, March 12, 2012

Dear Alabama Republicans

The Alabama Republican Primary is just a few days away. For the first time in my voting life, we are actually kind of important. I though I would give my thoughts on the races (in case either of you are wondering). I'll save the big race for last.

1. U.S. Representative, AL District 5: This call is easy. Mo Brooks is the one to vote for. He has done an excellent job in his first term. In terms of integrity, ability, and policy his towers above Parker Griffith - who is motivated by little more than a desire to be important and to get back at Mo for cleaning his clock last time.

2. Chief Justice, Alabama Supreme Court: My vote is going to the "incumbent," Chuck Malone. Malone was appointed by Governor Bentley to finish the term of retiring Democrat Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb. Malone has done a good job in his limited time there, particularly in fulfilling is managerial responsibilities. As long as Roy Moore loses by a lot, though, I'll be satisfied.

3. Associate Justice, Place 1, Alabama Supreme Court: I don't feel really strongly about this race, though I think I'll probably vote for Tommy Bryan. Bryan is currently on the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals. For me, that experience just barely outweighs his annoying commercials. Something about running as though he was auditioning to be a pastor bothers me. It confirms my concerns about electing judges, but that's the topic of a different post.

4. Public Service Commission President: I'll be voting for Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh. I'm not a huge fan, but Peterson is ridiculous and I don't know anything about the other guy.

5. Madison County District Court Judge: I am enthusiastically supporting Chris Messervy. I have known Chris for a long time, both personally and professionally. I have every confidence he will be a hard working and fair judge. I don't know much about the other candidates. I know that Rizardi is a DA. I fear that, as a result, he would be to one-sided in the criminal cases that come before him.

6. Madison County Circuit Clerk: I'll be sticking with the incumbent, Jane Smith. She does a fine job and I see no reason to change.

7. Madison County Probate Judge: I'll be voting for Patty Demos. Madison County has become large enough that I think it's time that our probate judge is a lawyer. Legal training is not a requirement for probate judges in Alabama.

8. Chairman, Madison County Commission: I'll be voting for Dale Strong. Both candidates have their weaknesses. I lean towards Dale because he knows how the commission works. I think he is kind of a career politician, who has done what career politicians do. However, Parker has been tying to get into politics for decades. I think he just wants the corner office and the sense of importance.

9. Member of the County Commission, District 3: I really have no idea. I've seen all their fliers and they all look decent on paper. I'll probably vote for Beal because I know someone who knows him. But, I may vote for Jones because of an ad that I heard this morning.

10. President of the United States: Now for the big one. No surprises here. I enthusiastically and energetically encourage my friends and neighbors in Alabama (and elsewhere) to vote for Mitt Romney. I wish I had time to go into the reasons. Needless to say, I believe he is the best man for the job. He is one of the most uniquely qualified candidates for President we have had in a long time. Some others have take the time to discuss the reasons. Please check them out here, here, and here. There are more. Mitt is going to win the nomination; it's just a matter of when he "locks it up." I hope that Alabama will help finish this primary out so that we can start focusing on the real, and most important, challenge - defeating President Obama in November.

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